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Precise Peelable Mask

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 is a new and efficient approach to conventional PCB masking techniques for conformal coating processes.

An alternative to manual taping methods, TECHNOMELT AS 8998 is a hot melt adhesive that can be precisely applied to keep-out areas via automated dispensing systems, reducing process time and labor costs.

The material is compatible with conformal coating chemistries, delivers better control during conformal coating, requires no curing and releases cleanly from various substrate surfaces.


Simplified Process

  • Ultra-fast processing
  • Precise automatic dispensing
  • Solidifies upon cooling
  • Requires no curing
  • Easily peelable without residues
  • Slump-resistant for improved dispense control
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  • Greener process
  • Halogen-free and RoHS compliant
  • Silicone-free
  • No outgassing during coating process
  • Reduced material waste
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Material Compatibility

  • Compatible with Henkel conformal coatings
  • Compatible with common automated dispensing systems
  • Compatible with numerous substrate surfaces
  • Compatible with thermal processes up to 100°C
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Cost Savings

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced material costs
  • Equipment savings
  • Significant reduction in overall cost of ownership
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TECHNOMELT AS 8998 peelable mask vs. taping

See the difference between conventional taping and the new TECHNOMELT AS 8998!

Viscosity is dependent on the temperature of TECHNOMELT AS 8998.

Costs based on a 2-year allocation of equipment material and process costs.

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 masking material used with conformal coating.

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Global Technology Award 2017

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 earned a Global Technology Award by Global SMT & Packaging in the Adhesives/Coatings/Underfills/Encapsulants category.

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New Product Introduction Award 2017

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 was awarded the NPI Award in the Coating/Encapsulants category from Circuits Assembly magazine at IPC APEX EXPO 2017.

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Technicle Article - Teaser

Technicle Article

Taking off the mask: automated, dispensable, peelable electronics masking solution eliminates manual, time-consuming processes

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TECHNOMELT AS 8998 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Test Report

Results for ESD sensitive items based on third-party testing


Masking Residue Study - Teaser

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 Masking Residue Study

Customer evaluation on residues after masking, comparing AS 8998 and UV-cured materials


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