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Low Pressure Molding - Technology Overview

One reason TECHNOMELT low pressure molding materials are so innovative is simply the improved process. Instead of traditional potting  which takes eight or more distinct steps and up to 24 hours to complete  low pressure molding equipment combines low pressure and temperature to encapsulate electronics parts in as little as 30 seconds.

The simplified process starts when hot melt polyamides are poured into the melt tank attached to the low pressure molding equipment. The pellets are heated to 180°C - 210°C and injected into a predesigned mold set, where the electronics are placed prior to molding. Low pressure and heat are applied, and in as little as 30 seconds, the electronics are fully encapsulated and can be immediately handled and tested.

Low pressure molding is a faster and more efficient process than potting. The TECHONOMELT material can be "skylined" around the electronics, reducing cycle times and raw material. It also eliminates the housing otherwise needed to contain the potting material. TECHNOMELT simply becomes the housing. Low injection pressure easily molds around fragile components, and low temperatures minimize heat exposure to sensitive electronics.


Simplified Manufacturing Process

  • Reduced manufacturing steps
  • Reduced equipment and operations footprint
  • Fewer machines in a manufacturing line
  • Fewer manufacturing lines needed to meet throughput
  • Reduced cycle time per part
  • Low-viscosity materials allow for low injection pressures
Icon Simplified Manufacturing Process

Optimized Products

  • Lightweight material
  • Excellent adhesion to multiple surfaces
  • Watertight encapsulation
  • High temperature, shock, environmental and solvent resistance
  • No cure process required
  • No fillers, so mold sets can be made out of less expensive aluminum and still be durable
  • Safe, 1-component, UL 94-V0 approved
  • Compliant materials suitable for sensitive electronic components
Icon Optimized Products

Improved Design Flexibility

  • Precise design allows for more space and flexibility within the final assembled products
  • Design capabilities beyond the form-fit-function of traditional materials
  • Skylining allows for the use of less material, precise encapsulation and less weight
  • Improved aesthetic appearance  no additional housing
Icon Improved Design Flexibility


  • Zero waste
  • All excess material and scrap are recyclable
  • Natural ingredients
  • No harmful fumes from molding process
  • Long shelf life
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
Icon Sustainability

Cost Savings

  • Fewer physical parts, reducing the number of items on the bill of materials (BOM)
  • Reduced shipping costs of final products
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCOO)
  • Increased throughput
  • Low capital equipment costs
  • Reduced inventory and work in process (WIP)
  • Lower labor cost per part
Icon Cost Savings


Low Pressure Molding - Step 1 Icon

Step 1 - Insert Electronics

Place bare electronics into predesigned mold set. Mold sets can accommodate multiple electronics to increase throughput.

Low Pressure Molding - Step 2 Icon

Step 2 - Mold

TECHNOMELT's unique resin technology encapsulates even the most delicate electronics at low pressure and temperatures.

Low Pressure Molding - Step 3 Icon

Step 3 - Test Device

Parts are now ready to test and move to final assembly. The significantly reduced dwell times allow for electronics to be handled immediately after molding.


Input your encapsulation requirements and discover your total potential savings when using TECHNOMELT low pressure molding in your manufacturing process.

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