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Low Pressure Molding in Electronics

With the surge in electronics manufacturing, TECHNOMELT materials can be found in more and more electronics applications. Today, you can see TECHNOMELT used in a wide range of everyday applications, such as the recent lighting enhancement on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, Calif., where TECHNOMELT was used to encase 25,000 LED circuit boards, protecting the sensitive LED electronics from the harsh environment of the San Francisco Bay. TECHNOMELT also was used to protect the electronic controllers in the robot that capped the ruptured pipe in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

TECHNOMELT can also be found in everyday applications  from coffee makers to self-driving cars to GPS-enabled ear tags for livestock  and wherever electronics require protection.

Key Application Areas

The versatile TECHNOMELT product line is ideal for multiple applications, including automotive sensors, switches, engine control units, lighting display boards, micro-inverters, power regulators, industrial sensors and medical sensors, and more.

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Automotive Sensors

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Engine Control Units

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Lighting Display Boards

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Micro Inverters

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Power Regulators

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Industrial Sensors

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Medical Sensors

Technomelt Markets

Automotive Electronics

  • Thermally stable materials, up to 185°C
  • Chemically resistant materials to automotive fluids
  • Low moisture absorption
  • UL 94 V-0 flame resistanc
  • Blaze orange color options for easy safety identification
  • Easy moldability
  • Good adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Excellent environmental resistance
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  • Fast processing for high-volume LED manufacturing
  • Flexible design options to complement the varied LED applications  from single LED applications to multi-strip, large display applications
  • Optically transparent materials for maximum light transmittance
  • Watertight, UV-stable materials to minimize impact from long-term outdoor exposure
  • White material options to enhance reflection
  • Compatible material sets for robust design solutions
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Industrial Components/­Sensors

  • Electrically insulating materials
  • Protection against external contact
  • Sealing connectors and strain relief
  • Vibration- and corrosion-resistant materials
  • Waterproof
  • Materials to minimize impact from long-term outdoor exposure
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